As far as today Monday 29th June it is looking like The Rothwell Conservative Club will be opening it`s doors on Saturday 4th July 2020 (times to be confirmed).

There are some changes that have been made to coincide with the government guide lines for reopening these premises. We have to ask everyone to sign in and give your membership number.


Social Distancing; We have changed the seating in the club to apply with government guide lines with distancing. The opening up some of other areas such as Tresham Lawns Will be going ahead with access through the main gates. The main front door will be entrance only and the side door exit only. Smoking will only be on the Lawns area on the hard surface and at the back of the car-park with suitable bins provided.

Bar Areas; We will be looking at fitting screens on the end of some of the tables near the walk way and at the end of the bar but still feel they are not required all around the bar. We do ask that you do not stand at the bar drinking, order, collect your drink and take a seat. Staff will be provided with a face mask and gloves and a fresh glass given for each drink.

We will have the hand sanitizers on the walls and will provide disposable cloths with a sanitizing spray that you are welcome to use at your table.

We do ask that you respect each others space and the staffs.


Staff are within there rights to refuse to serve you if they feel you are not following the guide lines. 

We look forward to seeing you all back in soon.

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